Activecampaign pricing & features of all plan tiers

Activecampaign is a top-level email marketing software with advanced features which is designed in such a way to adapt to the current trends of email marketing strategies.

Activecampaign is an all in one email marketing tool such that those who use it doesn’t 

replaces activecampaign with another email marketing tool.

You may be working in any online marketing sector, or any small, medium and large scale businesses or running any kind of b2c( business to consumer) or b2b(business to business) companies, activecampaign offers a perfect key for you to unlock the next level of your business.


Free trial

Activecampaign offer a 14-day free trial offer without entering any payment mode details like credit card or debit card. After this 14-day free trial ends, you can choose one of thier paid plans.

Activecampaign pricing on the paid plans

Activecampaign pricing is determined by the number of email contacts or subscribers you have; The more the subscribers, the more the amount you have to pay.

Activecampaign predominantly offers 4 plan tiers, namely Lite, plus, professional and enterprise, based on advanced features.

OK, Let us discuss the Activecampaign pricing and the exclusive advanced features of each plan tiers in detail.


Lite plan



Lite plan is the basic plan of activecampaign. It offers many advanced features. With the lite plan,

  • You can create subscription forms with some freebies( also called lead magnets), which you can place on your websites, or social media platforms. People interested in those freebies like a checklist or pdfs are more likely to fill in the details of the form and come under your contact list by subscribing.
Activecampaign pricing subscription form
  • You get a drag and drop email editor with more than 125 pre-designed email templates, where you can customize the emails you send to your subscribers.
Activecampaign pricing form templates
  • You can send unlimited emails and newsletters to your subscribers at any time.


  • They have a site and event tracking feature that gives very in-depth reporting and tracking of all the events like who clicked a link or visited a particular page on your website and who opened, unopened your emails, and many other events.


  • You get a very powerful email marketing automation system where you can assign campaigns based on customer interest at desired time intervals, increasing your open rates and click-through rates.
activecampaign pricing email automation
  • With this site & event tracking and advanced automation system, you can set different triggers for various events like if someone subscribed to your email list, opened your first email, clicked any of the links and many others according to your business type. Each trigger saves much of your time indirectly, which is adorable.
activecampaign pricing triggers
  • With activecampaign integrations of the lite plan, you can integrate over 850 third-party CXA partners like Facebook, wordpress, google sheets, etc.


  • You get 500+ automation recipes with which you can perform various types of automation workflows.
activecampaign automation recipes
  • You can have up to 3 users in the lite plan feature and get live chat support where you can clear any of your doubts or issues in few minutes rather than waiting for days by creating a support ticket.

These features make activecampaign lite plan a perfect kick-starter plan for your business.

These are some important features of the lite plan of activecampaign. Visit our post on the best email marketing tool for a detailed explanation of activecampaign lite plan features.

Lite plan Activecampaign pricing


Activecampaign pricing on the lite plan is priced at $15/month if billed monthly and $9/month if billed yearly for 500 email contacts. Try billing yearly to save some bucks.



Activecampaign pricing Lite plan

Number of email contactsPricing / month
if billed monthly
Pricing / month
if billed yearly


Plus plan



Activecampaign Plus plan has all the features of the lite plan, and also it has,


  • A landing page builder with some good professional templates with which you can create activecampaign landing pages.


  • The plus plan comes with SMS marketing, where you can send text messages regarding your business updates.


activecampaign pricing sms marketing
  • With the plus plan, you have automation maps of your campaigns and workflows, making the marketing automation process effortless.
activecampaign automation maps
  • It answers the question, Is activecampaign a CRM? Yes, the plus plan also has an in-built CRM(Customer Relationship Management) feature. Using activecampaign CRM, you can guide your customers in the sales process and even after a sale.CRM builds deeper connections with your customers. It also helps to manage your clients.

  • You get contact scoring options, SMS follow-up, a mobile CRM app, task reporting, automated chatbots and much more, making activecampaign more than just an email marketing software.

  • You can have up to 25 users in the activecampaign plus plan. Upto 25 users can have access to the account if you are working with a team.

  • With the plus plan, you get advanced integrations with ecommerce platforms like Shopify and big-commerce.

We have mentioned some of the important features of the Plus plan 

Visit this post to check the complete features of the Plus plan.

Plus plan activecampaign pricing.

Activecampaign pricing on the Plus plan is $70/month if billed monthly and $49/month if billed yearly for 1000 email contacts.
As you see in the activecampaign pricing table billing yearly saves you huge bucks. For instance,
                     For 5000 email contacts, the plus plan costs $169/month-means $169*12= $2028/year
But, if you bill yearly plus plan costs $135/month- means $135*12= $1620/year. You are eventually saving $408 here.


Activecampaign pricing plus plan

Number of email contactsPricing / month if billed monthlypricing / month if billed yearly


Professional plan



Activecampaign professional plan has all the features of the lite and plus plan and also,

  • Website personalization option where you can customize landing pages, call to action and whichever part you want to change.
  • It has predictive sending and predictive content which analyses the perfect timing the customers tend to open your emails and the more engaging content. This helps you to figure out your customer interests with a better understanding.
activecampaign website personalisation
  • Marketing attribution and reporting with which you can set different rules for different automations and get its analytics.

  • With activecampaign professional plan, you get the most advanced split-automation feature. You can test different types of automation workflows for the same content, just changing some part of the campaign and checking which automation workflow works better and choosing that to increase your click-through rates and sales. This feature is available only in a few email marketing platforms in which activecampaign again being the best.

  • You can have up to 50 users in the professional plan, which is good if you are working with a big team.

  • You get a much more advanced and personalized user experience with the professional plan with a 1:1 onboarding support system.

    Here are some key features of professional plan. Check out our another post regarding all the features of the professional plan



Professional plan activecampaign pricing

Activecampaign pricing of the professional plan is similar to activecampaign pricing of lite and plus plans.

It starts with $159/month if billed monthly and $129/month if billed yearly for 2500 email contacts.
As you see in the activecampaign pricing table, For 10000 email contacts, the professional plan is priced at $349/month if billed monthly. But,
                        for 25000 contacts same professional plan is priced at $319/month if billed yearly.

In this case you are saving $30/month and also you can have upto 15000 extra contacts. This is really huge right!
Yes, most of you may have long-term email marketing plans. So, go with yearly billing to save huge bucks.

Activecampaign pricing professional plan

Number of email contactsPricing / month if billed monthlyPricing / month if billed yearly


Enterprise plan



Enterprise plan is the end plan of activecampaign; it has all the features of Lite, Plus, and professional plans and also it has the following features;


  • Custom reporting where you can customize your reports with desired dimensions and metrics. It improves the quality of your sales and marketing.


  • Custom domain and custom mail server domain: A custom mail server domain is the email server’s name with a unique URL or domain you create. These servers will be shown to those who receive your mail. Example: Activecampaign via


  • A custom domain is a unique name to show the brand of your company. For example: if you are accessing the pricing section of Activecampaign, the custom domain is rather than having a full URL with codes.


  • Free design services like inserting the logo, content or any branding that’s unique for your companies or getting new templates, which you can edit through the drag and drop editor. This feature needs an additional premium purchase in other plans, which is free in the enterprise plan.


  •  Enterprise plan has unlimited email testing. You can create multiple emails and send them at once to check which works the best. You can do unlimited email testing in plus and professional plans also but upto five emails only.


  • It has social data and contact enrichment, where the collected data from subscribers, sales and activities are listed and enhanced better for a clear understanding.


  • You get a dedicated account representative who is familiar with our platform and your account and business. This experienced, “expert level” team member will be on hand to consult with as needed. This person will save your time and deal with clients.


  • You get phone support with the enterprise plan. In terms of support, enterprise accounts will be given the highest priority so that you can solve your issue in almost seconds.


  • You get HIPAA support with the enterprise plan. The health insurance portability and accountability act( HIPAA) is a law that protects confidential information and provides privacy. Activecampaign is HIPAA compliant. It gives complete security to all the data in your account. It also has multifactor authentication for security purposes. This feature is only for enterprise accounts.
  • It has an SSO( single sign-on) authentication method used to authenticate with different applications and websites with the same login credentials.


  • You can have unlimited users with the enterprise plan, which is perfect for working with a very big team.


  • You can add your emails and mail server domains to choose phone texts, log in from your domain and change the CSS to feel the class of the website.
  • You can customize your application URL and any branding you do for your company within applications.


Enterprise plan has got many additional special features to create and showcase your brand. It helps to give a customized journey for you and your customers.


Enterprise plan activecampaign pricing

The enterprise plan of activecampaign is priced at $499/month if billed monthly and $399/ month if billed yearly for 10000 email contacts. Above that you can get pricing in Activecampaign pricing section.

For all the plan tiers, pricing for above 25000 contacts are not mentioned but you can get the pricing from activecampaign pricing section, only if you have more than 25000 contacts.

Which plan to choose?

The selection of a plan tier completely depends upon your business and personal requirements. 

If you run a small scale business, and you need an email marketing software for creating basic sign up forms, sending newsletters, unlimited emails, basic CXA integrations like wordpress, Facebook, google sheets, and docs and automated emails with the powerful automation system you can surely go with a lite plan unless you need a landing page builder.


If you have a medium-sized business with some clients and want to build a deeper connection with your customers, and want to scale your business to the next level, 

Then I suggest the Plus plan for you. With a limit of 25 users, the plus plan has a landing page builder, activecampaign CRM feature, SMS marketing, contact scoring and automation maps and overall a bit more advanced automations. 


If you run a medium or large scale business and if you want to be professional with personalized websites, marketing attribution, predictive sending, 1:1 onboarding support, split- automations, with up to 50 users and better analytics, then grab the professional plan which can surely shift the gear of your business. The professional plan being the most popular plan tier of activecampaign offers almost all the advanced features of activecampaign. 


Enterprise plan of activecampaign is a plan tier with many additional features to create unique branding for your company or business. Go with the enterprise plan only if you use those special features; otherwise, the professional plan does the best job.

If you need to experience the brand taste and have a customized email marketing journey, you can move on with the Enterprise plan.


# If you are new to email marketing, just 

Kickstart with the lite, add some essence with plus, sound classy with professional and build an enterprise.



And any plan you choose, try to bill yearly. We have already discussed about the benefits of billing yearly, like it not only saves money, it also gets you more limit of email contacts and even gives a chance to choose advanced plans with the same amount. For instance, for 2500 email contacts, the Plus plan is priced at $125/month if billed monthly and the professional plan is priced at $129/month if billed yearly. With just $4 difference you can choose Professional plan over plus if billed yearly.


And one more thing, any plan you choose, make sure you use all the features.


Activecampaign cost is little bit higher when compared to other email marketing services. But at the same time, it is the most advanced and best quality email marketing software out there making it a most worthy option to choose.


 Some of the features of activecampaign are exclusive of activecampaign, which other email marketing services don’t offer.

The platform is easily understandable though it has a lot of features. The support team of activecampaign, also excels in this area by solving any of the doubts you have regarding the features and the overall platform.  

And activecampaign has the best deliverability rates till date . To checkout the deliverability rates visit

Activecampaign is considered the best marketing automation software with its advanced and special features, making it more than just an email marketing software.


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