Activecampaign pricing | rich features of all plans

Activecampaign pricing & features of all plan tiers Activecampaign is a top-level email marketing software with advanced features which is designed in such a way to adapt to the current trends of email marketing strategies. Activecampaign is an all in one email marketing tool such that those who use it doesn’t  replaces activecampaign with another … Read more

best marketing automation software? Activecampaign professional plan is the perfect choice

Activecampaign is one of the leading email marketing automation software in the market. Email marketing has become the fastest and efficient way of marketing than other types of ads and traditional marketing.  Having a user-friendly email marketing automation software with advanced features will improve our sales and helps us to have aprofitable email marketing journey. … Read more

Best email marketing software? Go with activecampaign plus plan

  Activecampaign is a well-known and one of the best email marketing software till date. It’s famous for its powerful email automation features and advanced tools for a customized email marketing journey. It is a top selling email marketing software for its quality and usage. They have 4 plan tiers, Lite, Plus, professional and enterprise … Read more

Best email marketing tool? check activecampaign lite plan

Activecampaign is an irreplaceable and the best email marketing tool in the market. They have 4 plan tiers namely lite, plus, professional and enterprice plans. Lite plan is the basic starting plan of activecampaign, which has many advanced features like campaigns, drag and drop email editor with inbuild templates and powerful email automations which makes … Read more

Activecampaign Lite plan features

 MARKETING SUITE  1)Marketing automation Marketing automation contains automation features like setting up automated emails for your contact list by adding different triggers like, those you opened your email, clicked on any of the links in the email and etc and schedule those emails at particular time intervals. This feature has many powerful automation of Activecampaign. … Read more